Trauma and Emergency

      Given its unique and distant location, patient transfers are of the utmost importance, especially for trauma patients, in which every passing second and total patient safety will count. The hospital has developed Air and Boat Ambulance services, along with a professional medical team who has been specially trained in emergency and trauma care. Then, they can perform resuscitation prior to patients' referrals for further treatment at other hospitals in the network. This is particularly the cases of cardiac emergencies such as acute heart attacks, head and spinal injury, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, spinal cord tumor and infection.

CT-Scan and X-ray

                                                               Our Hospital has ongoing commitment in

                                                                providing leading edge medical technology,

                                                                offering you the very best healthcare available.

Standard room

      Our In Patient accommodation offers you premier facilities ranging from tastefully decorated private single rooms. All private rooms offer an en-suite bathroom, phone and television

Hydrolance  Service 

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